A really puffy stitch

In this week I will share with you a new toddler hat pattern. This beanie was my first kid project and I loved it.  

But firstly I have to explain the crochet stitch, I have used. I was just twirling my hook with the yarn and this stitch has turned out. I was browsing on the internet for it, but didn't find. So I named it to X-stitch (X-st). 
Note: If you know its official name, please, let me to know!

It is basically a combination of two basic type of stitches: it includes two double crochet stitches (dc) and a half puff stitch. Really easy to hook and so puffy :)

I am trying to explain you. As well as I am not too good in explanation, I show it also in pictures. 

First row

It is a little bit different than the others, because here the X-stitch is actually not the same, it is not a crossed stitch.

The first stitch


Ch6 and join to a ring. 

1. chain 3
2. 1 dc
3. make a half puff stitch:
yarn over, insert hook in the ring, yarn over, insert hook in the ring again (4 loops on hook), pull through and bring yarn up to height of rest of stitches 


Further stitches:

1. 2 dc
2. a half puff stitch

In the further rows

0. chain 3 and turn (just by the first stitch in the row)

1. make 2 dc into the same stitch  (in the first stitch just 1 hdc)
2. acrossed the dc's make a half puff stitch into the stitch below:
yarn over, insert hook in the previous stitch, yarn over,  insert hook in the previous stitch (4 loops on hook), pull through and bring yarn up to height of rest of stitches 

1. stitch: 

2. stitch

Please, leave me a comment if I was understandable. Thank you :)

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I made a video about the stitch (it is not the start, but I hope it helps you)


  1. Thanks for your tutorial, it are clear instructions! I will pin it so more people will come here and be happy with it. Such a lovely color yarn you use:)

  2. Love the texture of this stitch! I found the instructions very clear, will try hooking it today and let you know if I run into any issues! (Thanks to Elisabeth for pinning!)

  3. I will try this, I think I can understand it. I would like to do one for my granddaughter. Thank you. I have printed it for later and have "followed" you so I can come back to try other patterns.

  4. I LOVE this hat & want to make one for my neice but I'm not clear on these directions. Can you clarify the X-puff stitch.? I would really appreciate it.! & Thank you.!

  5. Hi Reg132,
    I have made a little video for this, it could be useful for you.
    Wish you a nice day,

  6. Anonymous8/15/2012

    The video is very helpful. I am wondering how you would 2X-stTog? Can you help me?

  7. hey, I made this hat before and it turned out really cute. I was wondering if you could do a tutorial with pictures, or a video on how to start it though. I had a hard time trying to figure out how to do the x-stitches into the starting ring. it turned out ok but i'm wondering if there's a neater/better-looking way to do it. if you could do that, i think it would be so helpful to everyone!

  8. I am happy that you enjoy the pattern!
    I have made a little video tute before. See here:

  9. Kristin B10/04/2012

    I love this hat and am trying to make one but I cannot figure out the pattern. I watched the video from a person who left a comment, but I need help from the beginning. The video showed someone working from a half made hat. I need pictures or a video starting after the very first chain. I have been working on this for about 45 minutes and keep having to rip it out and start over. Can anyone help me? I'm not a beginner crocheter, but I am bad at reading patterns. Thanks for your help!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Dear Kristin, maybe this picture helps. In this picture you can see ch3, dc and the half puff stitch of the very first shell. You have to know, that in the first row the dc's and the half puff stitch doesn't cross each other.
    This picture was originally in the post, but a few weeks ago my blog crushed, all picture were deleted and I haven't finished uploading everything...
    I hope this picture helps you. If you have any further problems contact with me via comment or email, I happily help you :)

  12. I uploaded the picture to it's place again.

  13. Kristin B10/05/2012

    Thank you! That picture is just what I need!

  14. Anonymous10/27/2012

    I would like to try and make this hat but I can't find the you tube video where you show how to make stitch and how to first start it. Is it still out there to view? Thank you.

  15. Anonymous10/27/2012

    Please help! I think I understand the stitch and getting started but the numbers of stitches I am getting are not equaling the number of stitches in your pattern. I am not understanding what I am doing wrong! I really like this hat and would like to make it. Thank you!

  16. I happily help you, but I don't understand the problem, why don't you have the same number of stitches. PLease describe me. You can contact me via email too, it is faster way. I am waiting for your mail.

    I don't have video about the start, just about making the stitch. It would be useful to take one, but in these days I don't have too much time... If I take one, I will link it below this post.

  17. hello i am currently trying to make this hat and im still having difficulties. I made the starting chain 6 and then sl together. then chain 3, Dc 2x then im confused. please help i watched the video but it is helpful for already having made a round and i havent been able to make the first round.

    1. I don't have a video about starting the hat. It is not an easy pattern, but basically you have to know just two stitches: dc and puff stitch. After 2 dc's there is a puff stitch acrossed except in the first row. In the first row make 2 dc's and the puff (not acrossed). This picture maybe helpful for you. If you have further questions, contact me email, although I don't have videos, but I have dozens of photos, which can be helpful.

  18. I love this hat!! I just can't figure out how to start you think you don't do a tutorial on how to start? I just don't understand how to do the increases with the puff stitch?

    1. Dear Laura,
      I am happy that you like the hat. I really enjoyed making that and sharing the pattern. The puffy stitch is not that complicated. If you have troubles with starting it, I recommend you that in the first row make just dc's instead of the puff stitch (instead of 1 puffy stitch make 3 dc's) In the next row start making the puffies.

      I am really untalented in making videos, so I am not sure about I can do one. But if you PM me what exactly you don't understand after you tried to make the stitch, I gladly help you. I have pictures to show you the stitches from closer or if you make a picture about your try, I can tell you where is the problem (I have already helped for a few reader in email :))

  19. Hanni, How many times do you do the double and puff stitch on the 6 ss crochet circle. I can't seem to find it on the pattern. I love the hat and ready to make it for great grand daughter. Thanks!! Diane

    1. Make 5 times the stitch. Here you can find the instructions :
      Wishing you happy crochet! And PM me, if you have any difficulties I try to answer asap :)

  20. Love the stitch! I want to try to make it into a blanket rather than a hat. You do not use a base chain, do you? I am going to attempt it now :)

    1. No, I don't use a base stitch, but worked in flat a foundation row is a must I think.
      This puffy stitch is calling for something comfortable, but I would consider for a blanket, because it is a real yarn-eater...


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