I have a plan or more

So what about the must do list? What motivates you in crafting? Your needs? Your family? Your craft business? Or just the passion?
I think I am motivated the most by my passion, after that my own and my family's need. (I am not doing business, so this one doesn't make me create.)

Recently I am still obsessed with knitting and crocheting. I have just finished a supercute white&lilac cowl for myself (pattern comes soon), I am currently knitting a new grey hat for my husband and designed a little hat for my niece.

Now I would like to show you some items from from my must do list. 

Face lifting on my blog. I have collected a few tutorials on Pinterest and subscribed to a few awesome blogs sharing photoediting and blogging how-to-s. I hope these ones will help me to develop my webdesigning skills.

This board is a colour inspiration for the renewal I am planning. 

I love bears and I love amirgurumi, I have to try to make some. These ones would be so adorables on my keychain or anywhere in my purse. They just make me smile.
Source: via Hanni on Pinterest

A new bag. I am a beginner in sewing (self-thought) and have lot of plans. First of all I would like to sew a bag for myself. Something like this nautical one would be perfect for spring. 

Source: via Hanni on Pinterest

And finally I would like to share a really m e g a l o m a n i a c a l plan. Giant crochet. Do you like it? 
I just have to figure out where can I buy yarn or rope for making something like this.

Source: via Hanni on Pinterest 

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  1. Giant crochet looks so cool! Too bad I can only do like one type of crochet stitch that I learned back when I was 10, but I'd like to learn more. Cool blog! I'm your newest follower!


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