Husband's grey beanie

Here is the last day of meterological winter. I hope it really will be the last day, although I love this season. It is X-mas time, being at home with a cup of tea time, eating lots of sweets time, wearing knitwear time, and I could say even more beauties of winter. 
Today the winter said goodbye to us with snow, so I say goodbye to winter with my last winter knitting project: a hat for my Darling.
Pin it or add it to your que on Ravelry and return to the project in fall. It is really easy and fast.


Hubby's head is just a normal men's head :)


  • 1 skein DK weight yarn
  • Knitting needle size 3.5 (circular and double pointed needles)

K = knit
P = purl
K2tog= knit 2 stitches together
** = repeat

Gauge: 25 stitches in 34 rows in stockinette stitches


Cast on 110 stitches. (Number of stitches be divisible by 11)

R1-12: *K1 P1* If you would like a longer ribbing, knit a few more rows. 
R13-38: *K8 P3* repeat 11 times. [110]
Or keep on working until it measures 5.5". 

Decreasing (Making the crown):

R39: *K2tog  K6 P3* repeat 11 times. [100]
R40: *K7 P3* repeat 11 times. [100]
R41: *K2tog K5 P3* repeat 11 times. [90]
R42: *K6 P3* repeat 11 times. [90]
R43: *K6 P2tog P1* repeat 11 times. [80]
R44: *K6 P2* repeat 11 times. [80]
R45: *K2tog K4 P2* repeat 11 times. [70]
R46: *K5 P2* repeat 11 times. [70]
R47: *K2tog K3 P2* repeat 11 times. [60]

R48: *K4 P2* repeat 11 times. [60]
R49: *K2tog K2 P2* repeat 11 times. [50]
R50: *K3 P2* repeat 11 times. [50]
R51: *K2tog K1 P2* repeat 11 times. [40]
R52: *K2 P2* repeat 11 times. [40]
R53: *K1 K2tog P1* repeat 11 times. [30]
R54: *K2 P1* repeat 11 times. [40]
R55: *K1 K2tog* repeat 11 times. [20]
R56: K2tog until just 10 st remain. Finish your work.

Happy knitting!

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  1. Looks great! I need to learn how to knit.

  2. One day I am going to learn how to knit!! You hat is great. I'm sure your husband loves it. Thanks for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.

  3. So fab! Thanks for sharing, girl!

  4. Oh this is so wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this pattern, I'm looking for a such a hat to knit for a friend! Thank you!
    Great weekend to you and yours!
    Best wishes,

  5. Hi. Love this pattern. But, I had a question. Do you use size 3 needles or 5 for the pattern? I'm kinda a novice knitter, but wanted to make this for my husband. Thanks, Melanie
    Artzy Creations

  6. Could you provide a gauge.?

    1. I added the gauge and some other informations :)
      Are you a Ravelry member, here is the link to the pattern:
      Feel free to add your project. I would be so glad!

      Wish you happy knitting! :)

    2. Thank you for posting gauge. I love the look of this hat, have the yarn and anxious to get started. I am a new Ravelry member and hopefully can figure out how to post. Best knitting space on this planet.


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