I am still knitting & crocheting

Somehow I am still not in spring-mood. But for me winter doesn't mean, that I am in hibernated mood in this cold season.

Are you preparing to the spring or do you craft winter stuffs? 

I have just finished a beret. A red crochet one. This is my third beret in this season. I think, I am getting to be obsessed with hats. Currently, I am knitting the fourth one and just can't stop designing new ones.

This is just a quick shot of the  Little Red Riding Hood Hat . 

I will come back with the crochet pattern and with some bright pictures, as soon as I will have time to do that.
Until that let me to show you what am I working on. 

I was surfing on the Ravelry yesterday. I really want to knit a headband. I have seen a lot of inspiring one in your blogs, girls. So I really need one.
These are my favourites from Ravelry.

A simple design from Anna Virginia:

Source: via Hanni on Pinterest

Source: via Hanni on Pinterest

A very similar one in blue:

Source: via Hanni on Pinterest

The girly & hot red one:

Source: via Hanni on Pinterest

And finally the absolutely most fabulous at all, the feather one:

Source: via Hanni on Pinterest

Ps.: Are you a Pinterest maniac? I am still not, but I think, I will be. 

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  1. Lovely! I'm in love with hats too and should start making some... I always try to be ahead of the game and sew/knit/crochet for the coming season, but I usually get behind. Right now I'm still making winter stuff... Thanks for your lovely comments and for "pinning"!

  2. I am still making winter crafts. However I did just start on a spring scarf so maybe I am moving on. I LOVE your hat. And the headbands are great. Can't wait to see how yours turns out.:) Thanks so much for sharing at Link It Up Thursday.

  3. WOW you look like a doll wearing it.. :) I wish I could crochet and knit like you, I find it very hard..

    1. :) Oh no, this is girl is not me. The picture is from pinterest (click to it). The designer is from they have so lovely patterns.
      My headband is still in progress, but I am knitting a simple one. I wish I would be enough confident to wear something like this feather headband :) It is so beautiful.


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