Hello weekend!

It is almost 12 a.m. here. I am out of bed. (Finally.) Let's see what I would have to do today.

#1 redecorate the christmas tree

I am so sad to do that. I love christmas time, I will miss it. But the life goes on. 'See you my darling ornaments in november...'

Neither shiny neither brighty :( Our tree has to go.
#2 cleaning & organizing

If I had a new year's resolution, that would definitely be getting more organized. 
Look at my craft place, how messy it is. Thanks for hipstamatic app for these '70s inspired not too clear photos. Can you count how many started projects are in the picture? 

I try to show. There is one next to my sewing machine on that blue bucket. There is an other one in the folders: it is my never endig knitting project. And a knitted neckwarmer in the chair. That project technically has been already finished, but waiting for blocking, representing, etc... Oh and I almost forgot my pinboard. You can see some white paper-like thing with darker something on the edge behind my computer. That will be a pinboard...

What a mess in this tiny place...

#3 make my earring-holder

I even don't know how many earrings I have. They are in a big box and in smaller jars now. I am a collector of earrings, but my collection is 'gappy' thanks for the unorganized holding. They would really deserve to show them some love... So it is an obligation not just a project for me :)

Do you have lot of running projects? How can you keep organized your craft place?

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  1. Hi Hanni! Your craft room look far better than my sewing/craft corner...and that's why one of my resolution for this year is to be more organised... with everything.


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