Flat iron case

On the weekend I have sewed a travel case for my flat iron. I know how important this little object could be for women. I have just started to use it, but by now I wouldn't travel without it. 
Do you use flat iron? Do you have a case for it? 

Note: This cozy is enough big to put also your hair brush into.


  • a fabric stripe (in size 28' x 7')
  • a flice stripe (in size 28' x 7')
  • zips / press stud / velcro tape. This is optional. I am using a safety pin :)


I don't write step-to-step tutorial, I just show the main steps. This is so easy.

1. Sew the fabrics together on 3 sides.

2. Turn it out. Sew the 4th side together.

3. Fold the stripe in three-quarter together. Sew it around.

You are done!

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Socializing myself

I am so excited to introduce you the social me. I have created accounts to some sites. 

I am on facebook. I like facebook, I am a user from a long time.

I am new on twitter. A real newby. I have never had account, and shame on me, but still don't know how to use it, but looks like fun :)

I am on Pinterest, this is my absolute favourite. I am totally in love with it! 

I have started to use Google+ This is also something, with I don't know what to do.

From a longer time I am using Ravelry as an inspirational board, and I share there my patterns also. 

So from now, if you would like to follow me, just click on one of the buttons on my sidebar :)

If you are a user of these sites, please suggest yourself! I would like to follow you to get new blogger friends.

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