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Yesterday I was thinking about, that I need a new mobile case. I have an old one, which I got when I shopped my phone a year ago. You can imagine, how does it look like now. It is so rubbed and looks dirty, though I wash it every two weeks. By the way its time is over.
I have to confess, that I was a bad girl at first. I wanted to buy a new one! How could I even think about buying??? Shame on me. 
So my hubby asked me, why didn't I make it. Oh, yes he is the brain in our little family. So I checked my fabrics and yarns and suddenly I got tons of ideas and made the fastest idea. This is it!
Don't think about a complicate pattern. Actually it is so easy, and could be an ideal craft for kids or beginner crocheters.
You just need a few meters of yarn and a crochet needle. With this eyelash yarn you don't even have to concentrate to have regular nice stitches. 

The pattern

Material: cca. 1/3 ball of eyelash yarn, crochet needle 3,5 mm
Pattern: begin with 18 stitch into a circle. Then work with half double crochet stitches as long as you need. 
I made 12 rows for this case. At the end stitch the two sides together.
You can sew on a little zips or a snap, but I found it unecessary, it is enough tight to not allow my mobile to slide out. 

I need to  always have something cute in my purse :)

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  1. I totally LOVE this cell phone pouch. What a stylist and FABulous idea! XOXO


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