My first beret

This is my first crochet beret :) Actually in this season it was my second beret project. First one was a knitted one.
I am beginner in crochet. A real totally beginner. (I have just bought my first crochet needle two weeks ago.)
I found this pattern and this puff stitch video and gave a try.
I modified the pattern. A lot. Otherwise I would made an other extre huge hat. 

Here comes my pattern 

Needle: 3,5 mm
Yarn: 1 and a half oz. Red Heart Lisa black

Crochet 6 stiches into a ring

1. row: 6 puff stitch
2. row: make 2 puff st in each st
3. row: make *1 puff st - 2 puff st* 
4. row: 1 puff st
5. row: *1 puff st - 2 puff st - 2 puff st* 
6. row: 1 puff st
7. row: *1 puff st in the next 3 st - 2 puff st* 
8. row: 1 puff stitch
9. row: *1 puff st in the next 4 st - 2 puff st* 
10-11. row: 1 puff stitch
12. row: *1 puff st in the next 4 st- 2 puff stitches together*
13. row:  * 1 puff st in the next 3 st  - 2 puff stitches together*
14. row:  * 1 puff st in the next 2 st  - 2 puff stitches together*
15-16. row: single crochet


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  1. I love this beret. Thanks for stopping by "In His Grip:.

  2. I love it. I'll have to try making one of my own. I'm your newest follower. Hope you stop by DIY Home Sweet Home and link up to More the Merrier Monday.
    P.S. I'm having a little giveaway. Would love you to enter.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your beret, it is great! Well done!

  4. Nice work! Your hat looks great!

  5. I never would have guessed this was your first project, it turned out so lovely!

  6. I've been looking everywhere for an easy tutorial for something like this. Cannot wait to give this a try!!

    new follower :)


  7. love love love it especially since you FEARLESSLY just dive right in to it plus it looks great thanks for the pattern


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