Christmas wreaths

I have made two wreaths for us. They are placed in the living room.
Note:  It seems my poinsettia doesn't like the athmosphere, started to look like unhealthy :(

The first wreath is a recycled piece. I made originally as an autumn wreath with natural crops, but I didn't want to take it away in winter season, so glued some fancy sparkling roses and a golden ribbon to it. I think it is not so natural in this way, but still very pretty.
The second one is a real X-mas wreath with four candles on it. By us we usually use three purple and one rose candles in christmas wreath, but I made it with chocolate candles. On the top of the wreath are christmas ornaments (some new one from DIY store and some old one from our x-mas ornament box) and natural pine cones. To the middle of the ribbons I glued mini golden pine cones.

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  1. Thank you for visiting me and for your lovely comment!
    Oh I so do love the second one;)

    Lovely greetings...

  2. I love this great idea. Consider, if you will, sharing it with my readers at Thanks! Christmas blessings to you……….Kathy


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