Christmas wreaths

I have made two wreaths for us. They are placed in the living room.
Note:  It seems my poinsettia doesn't like the athmosphere, started to look like unhealthy :(

The first wreath is a recycled piece. I made originally as an autumn wreath with natural crops, but I didn't want to take it away in winter season, so glued some fancy sparkling roses and a golden ribbon to it. I think it is not so natural in this way, but still very pretty.
The second one is a real X-mas wreath with four candles on it. By us we usually use three purple and one rose candles in christmas wreath, but I made it with chocolate candles. On the top of the wreath are christmas ornaments (some new one from DIY store and some old one from our x-mas ornament box) and natural pine cones. To the middle of the ribbons I glued mini golden pine cones.

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In this week I was working on

#1.  Ruffle scarf

I have finished this cute scarf in this week. At first I didn't like working with ruffle yarn too much, but as knitting went better, I came to like it. And the result is a fantastic girly scarf.

#2. Waist warmers

I got a super sewing machine from my mother-in-law. It is a really smart machine. Not a new one, but works perfectly and makes really nice stitches.
So, first project was sewing some waist warmers for me. Sitting in my office is sometimes too cold and I am also wearing them in the gym.
So I bought in the local Burda shop some fabric. I have to tell, that these materals aren't the best for it. Although they offered me them as costumers usually buy these for waist warmers. They are knit fabrics.
But they doesn't fit me, doesn't follow my lines. (I mean, the material stretches on my hip in the normal way, but streches on my waist too much.) Anyway not as confortable, as I expected. I would like to have tight warmers, which aren't sliding on me and also shape my figure.
Here is the pattern, what I used. I have to say, that the pattern is really good, but not for these fabrics.
I am trying to find or to develop a new version with these materials, or at the end I just buy an other stretchy fabric :)

My first beret

This is my first crochet beret :) Actually in this season it was my second beret project. First one was a knitted one.
I am beginner in crochet. A real totally beginner. (I have just bought my first crochet needle two weeks ago.)
I found this pattern and this puff stitch video and gave a try.
I modified the pattern. A lot. Otherwise I would made an other extre huge hat. 

Here comes my pattern 

Needle: 3,5 mm
Yarn: 1 and a half oz. Red Heart Lisa black

Crochet 6 stiches into a ring

1. row: 6 puff stitch
2. row: make 2 puff st in each st
3. row: make *1 puff st - 2 puff st* 
4. row: 1 puff st
5. row: *1 puff st - 2 puff st - 2 puff st* 
6. row: 1 puff st
7. row: *1 puff st in the next 3 st - 2 puff st* 
8. row: 1 puff stitch
9. row: *1 puff st in the next 4 st - 2 puff st* 
10-11. row: 1 puff stitch
12. row: *1 puff st in the next 4 st- 2 puff stitches together*
13. row:  * 1 puff st in the next 3 st  - 2 puff stitches together*
14. row:  * 1 puff st in the next 2 st  - 2 puff stitches together*
15-16. row: single crochet


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Pompon "réticule"

This tiny cute purse was my first knitting projects in this autumn. I love this yarn. I have already used it for a pillowcase. My husband loves it, he is sleeping on his soft pompon pillow :)

I used 4 mm circular knitting needles. It coasts 3 oz. pom pom yarn (15 dkg) and a little black yarn (any black yarn) to fix the holders. 

Lining was made from a polka dotted fabric. I sewed the lining to the knitted purse just by hand with nonvisible stitches.

I sewed also a little inner packet. :)

It is not a big bag, but really perfect for me, it has enough place for  money, keys, cell phone and little things, what a women's purse carries.  

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